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What Summer?!

With it being August you would think waking up every morning would be a pleasure, sun streaming through the window and birds chirping their little morning song. But no, instead I wake to this more than once this week and its dreary. Really dreary.

Grey, horrible, soak through to the bones wet. I even made some homemade Minestrone soup this week – how Autumn can you get?!

With the sun only making a brief appearance this week I decided to bring the sunshine indoors (metaphorically of course)  and do a little crafting, crochet and baking to lighten the grey, miserable mood. Just a little nudge,  I’m not going to apologise for the dull photos – this is the great British summer and there’s only so much fiddling with lighting qualities we bloggers in the UK can manage!

I’ve recently discovered decoupage, its a great way to add a ‘bit of pretty’ to boring old furniture. I admit I went out and bought these nest of tables just so I could paint and decoupage them… I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out and very very pleased the rain stayed away for the afternoon it took me to do them. I LOVE the colours and now nothing in the house is safe from me and modge podge. I’m thinking our chest of drawers next, they’ve never matched….

Still drying outside

These little fairy cakes would lighten anyone’s day, even Mr P didn’t mind scoffing down girlie pink confetti cakes!


A kind colleague from work gave us these huge courgettes that she has grown in her garden. They are massive! See, the rain is good for some things I suppose. There is only Mr P and I in the house so to avoid eating courgette everyday for the foreseeable future I wanted to use them in up in more creative ways. So for dinner I made this courgette and cheddar soda bread and a courgette and ricotta lasagne. Yum!

Of course my week hasn’t passed without my hook and yarn.  I recently bought this book Granny Square Crochet and I have no idea why I haven’t come across it before, the projects in it are great! I love a good crochet / craft book and much of my ideas stem from something I’ve seen in a book or magazine. Check out the beginnings of the sunflower seat pads that I’ve started hooking,  they are adorable! They work up real quick and are perfect for our dining room chairs. The seats can be a little hard on the *cough* bottom so a cute sunflower will soon pad our bums when we get time to sit and eat dinner together. What’s more summery than a sunflower?!

Current WIP in progress..

I also started to make my sisters granny square cardigan. These aren’t colours that I would normally choose but crocheting with this yarn is an absolute pleasure. Its bright, colourful and bold – just like my darling younger sis. The yarn is Patons Fab Dk in the colour Jeans. It recommends using a 4mm hook but I feel 4.5mm works up better as I’m hooking Solid Granny Squares. I shall keep you posted on how its going and hopefully will reveal all once finished.

Photo does not do these squares justice!

Also, just because I thought I might have been exaggerating a touch with the weather this week I thought would take a picture everyday and I’ve realised I really wasn’t..

But on a good note when the sun does make an appearance, its warm and pretty and feels like a great big hug! Every cloud..

What do you do when the weather isn’t so nice?



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