The Granny Square

Who doesn’t love Granny Squares?! It was the 1st thing I taught myself to crochet and the 1st blanket I ever made. Its the go-to square whenever I’m in between projects, when I feel like crocheting but I can’t decide what I want to make next. You can make them in so many different ways so no 2 are the same, I think its this concept that makes me love them so much. They are so versatile you can make almost anything with them. Also I think once you have learned the pattern it never goes away. It doesn’t matter how many other patterns I learn, the traditional granny square is always in the back of my mind.

If you need to know how to crochet a granny square there is a great video tutorial over at Bella Coco on youtube.

Here are just a few things I have made from granny squares. Big and small

Pin cushion – 2 Granny squares made in just 3 rounds and double crocheted together. I added a small heart to pretty it up a little. Its  a great way to use up those yarn scraps, give as gifts or even sell on your craft stall.  I have a written tutorial for this little beaut here.

My 1st blanket – No matter how many blankets I make this one will always be special to me and I hope it stays in my family for a long long time.









Mini Granny cushion – This is one of my latest makes that I created with my Vintage Floral Colour Combo Series. You can read it here 


Giant granny square blanket – This blanket is basically just one great big granny square and I must admit my mum finished it off for me, just because I couldn’t wait to start my next project (know that feeling?!) and couldn’t bare for this blanket to go on the WIP pile. Thanks Mum.











I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have made with my granny squares. What have you made with yours?






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