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Macramè Wedding Chair Decorations

I’m loving the art of Macramè at the moment and although its not crochet its still very similar in the way that you use yarn or cord to tie knots to create decorative pieces, so to me, its just crochet without the hook! I’ve already created a piece for our lounge and I wondered how I could create something similar to use as decorations for wedding chairs.  I’m over the moon with how they have turned out  and as an added bonus they were so easy I could even rope Mr P into help me..

I wanted to use these hangings to decorate our reception chairs rather than using the run of the mill chiffon bows because a) I’m not very good at tying bows no matter how many youtube videos I watch and b) rather than having to decorate each and every chair the day before I can have all of these made and ready to pin in a flash.

If you are on a budget (they work out at around 30p each) these could even double up as wedding favours for people to take home as a souvenir of your special day.

I have designed them for the beginner in mind (me being the beginner) so they can be made in well under 30 mins. Before I knew it I was churning these beauties out in under 10 minutes! How’s that for a quick gift?! You can switch up the colours and placements of the rose, or even use a real rose, just be sure to tie in a water tube so it doesn’t wither.

Supplies :

  • Chunky Yarn or Macramè cord – I used some chunky yarn from Hobbycraft, its very sturdy and holds the knots very well. I tend to find Macramè cord quite expensive and it would have cost us an absolute fortune to decorate every chair so yarn is a nice inexpensive alternative!
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Artificial silk / Foam flowers
  • Tape Measure

The knots I have used are the Larks head Knot and a Square Knot

To begin with I cut 13 cords double the length that I wanted the decorations to be. Mine were 1 meter in length.



Take 1 piece of yarn and tie it to the back of the chair. Then take the remaining 12 pieces of yarn and create 12 larks heads knots.

Tip :  Tying your piece of yarn around the back of your chair makes the knotting so much easier. There is nothing worse than slack cord to try and knot round!

Next up do an alternating square knot for 5 rows.

I kept my square knots quite far apart to create a lacy look.

Glue a rose at the bottom of the last square knot

Then trim the ends at an angle.

I’m super happy with how they have turned out and I think they will make our homemade wedding special and unique.



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