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My Cosy Pitchside Crochet Mittens

Warning!!! Cozy alert!! I have wanted to make myself some mittens for a long time, so whilst binge reading the blog over at All About Ami I came across her great Cozy Mitten Tutorial. They remind me of when I was a kid and I had 2 mittens attached to a piece of string that ran through both my sleeves to avoid losing them.

Now to why I called them Pitchside Mittens – I watch Mr P play rugby in the winter (Why they can’t play in the warmer weather I’ll never know) and standing still on the side of the pitch for 80 minutes in the windy, icy, rainy, windy, (did I mention its windy?) weather is absolute torture every time sometimes. I honestly can’t wear enough layers and Jack Frost still manages to get a grip on my finger tips and it hurts! To avoid frost bite this season and every season after that I wanted to make myself some proper wooly mittens – cue pattern from All About Ami.

I used different yarn and adjusted the pattern as suggested to make my mittens a nice snuggly fit. To go with the lovely soft feminine pink colour I also popped a nice bow on the top. The pattern has 2 mitten sizes, mine are size 2.


The yarn I used is Leader of the Pac from the KnitCraft range at HobbyCraft. An absolute steal in my eyes at only 4 quid for 100g! I made one pair of mittens and have plenty of it left for a scraps project.. maybe even a matching headband earwarmer thingy.. (ooh can you hear my cogs turning)


With the wool being Aran weight and 90% Acrylic, 10% Alpca its super squishy and warm, perfect for my freezing fingers. I thought it might be a bit tricky to crochet with seeing as its fluffy but I found it an absolute dream to work with. Admittedly there was fluff flying everywhere and I was covered in the stuff – didn’t help I was wearing black buuuuut I could see every single stitch (unlike eyelash yarn.. ergh Don’t. Even.)

It was so easy to work with, I finished both my mittens and ear warmer thingy (post in progress) in 2 evenings, as well as putting up our new bed (long story) and working all day.

If you want to make these mittens check out All About Ami’s blog here.

I don’t think I’m going to mind standing out in the cold with these on….




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