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Men’s Crochet Herringbone Scarf – A free Pattern

All I seem to do in the winter is crochet scarves but you can never have too many right?

This one however, is slightly different from my other scarves because its designed for you chaps! Mr P in fact. I asked him the other day if he would like me to make him anything, expecting him to say “No its alright Love” in a slightly sarcastic voice but he said he was partial to a scarf and would like me to make him one.

Bless him, does he really want a scarf or is he just being super supportive of my crazy hobby?

Although I find scarves an easy project to pick up and put down without too much thinking involved, I’ve never even considered designing anything relating to menswear and actually I think its a teency bit harder to rustle up something quickly for a man.  No pink or pastel shades, no pom poms, no bordering. Tassels? Hmmm no! What colours do I use, what stitch , length, thickness? Argh.

I turned to my good old friend Pinterest and although there are some nice designs out there, everything seems to be very much the same style. But I did get an idea for the colour and what sort of style to make.

Inspired by this picture I decided on the herringbone stitch and all colours of grey. I realise that the picture has a) no scarf in it whatsoever and b) its black and white, not grey. But inspiration takes form in many shapes and sizes doesn’t it?

Photo from

The herrringbone stitch is a super stylish stitch that is modern, intricate, classic and clean. It has a dense structure and almost looks a bit like its knitted. If you’re like me and love the look of knitted garments but can’t are too impatient to knit then this stitch is great.

Every scarf I make has be nice and warm and cosy, but I didn’t have any grey aran wool lying around (shock horror – its probably the only colour I don’t have!) so I took 3 shades of Stylecraft Special DK – Graphite, Silver and Grey and held all 3 strands together to wind in a ball. It also gave me an idea of what the colours would look like together.

One impressive ball of yarn..

So holding all 3 strands I used an 8mm to make the foundation chain and the 1st row and then continued with the remainder of the scarf with a 7mm. Doing it this way stopped the edges from being too tight and curling up – never an issue if you are adding pom poms!

I added fringing for a classic look and guess what?! He loves it! We even went out for dinner the other night and wanted to wear it.


Seeing as though my Mr P loved it so much I thought with Christmas coming along  I would share the pattern with so you can rustle one up for the man in your life. Its a super easy stitch and because there are 3 strands of yarn it works up real quick.

Here’s how..

You will need : –

1 skein each Stylecraft Special DK in Grey, Silver and Graphite

7 & 8mm crochet hook

Large darning needle



Ch = Chain

St = Stitch

Hbdc = Herringbone double crochet (see special stitches)

Rpt = Repeat

Yo = yarn Over

Fo = Fasten off

Special Stitches & Notes : –

Pattern is in US terms.

Hbdc = Herringbone double crochet. Yo, insert hook into designated st, yo and pull through the st and the 1st loop on the hook, yo pull through one loop, yo pull through last 2 loops on the hook.

The 2 ch at the beginning of every round counts as a st.

The last st is always made into the top of the ch 2 created at the beginning of the previous row.

The scarf can be made wider by chaining in multiples of 1 +2.

The pattern : –

Holding all 3 strands of yarn together with 8mm hook Ch17

Row 1. Hbdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch to end. Ch 2, turn.

Switch to 7mm hook

Row 2. hbdc in next st and each to last. Hbdc in top of ch 2 from previous round. Ch 2, turn.

Row 3 – Rpt row 2 until desired length is reached.  **Just remember to switch back to 8mm hook for the last 2 rows**  The one I made Mr P is 65 ” long.

Fo and weave in all ends.

The Fringe : –

Still holding 3 strands of yarn together cut 15 pieces (or however many stitches wide your scarf is) of yarn approx. 12 ” in length.

Fold in half

Insert hook into the designated st and loop the folded yarn onto your hook


Pull yarn through the st – It helps if you create quite a big loop.

Yo and pull  the yarn right through and tighten.

Cut the ends so they are all even. Voila! Fringe made!

I have plenty more Christmas gift ideas that I’ll be sharing the next few weeks so make sure you stick around!



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