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Manuosh Pudgy Yarn Clutch Kit Review

I was super happy when this bundle of lovlieness was delivered by the postie this week. I instantly emailed @manuosh on Instagram to ask them if I could do a review and they kindly agreed.

I mentioned in this post that Super Chunky knitting and crochet is massive at the moment (get it..) and I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  I researched online and came across the Manuosh website.

When picking yarn for my projects its very important for me to know how it is sourced and Manuosh describe in detail where their wool comes from and how it is made. They claim that each skein of yarn they spin is utterly unique due to the process they use. They primarily use Merino Wool and what topped my choice was that all of their fibers are sourced and produced animal and cruelty free. BIG tick. The yarn in this kit is Pudgy Yarn but they also have a wide range of other chunky yarns in beautiful colours.

Google image


Check out this Bubble Yarn. Can you imagine knitting a big blanket with this stuff?! You can even choose your own colourways!

Photo from Manuosh Webite

Their website offers knit kits and chunky knitting patterns as well as yarn and tools and you can even buy the blankets already knitted! Honestly I could have bought the whole lot.

I received the kit for the knitted clutch in the colour ‘Steel’ as I’m a big pastel lover and the colour looked nice and feminine without being pink! The details explain that the Kit is a beginner level and contains the yarn, glam knitting needles, instructions and project bag.

The shipping is a bit costly but they are based in the US so understandably high. It also took quite long for my parcel to arrive but again they’re in the US so allow that time for your yarn to be uniquely spun, dyed and sent to you. They do state that shipping would take around 1-2 weeks to get to the UK.

Inside my kit as promised I received 2 skeins of Pudgy yarn tied with jute, some super duper chunky 25mm glamorous knitting needles, instructions with popper attachments and a Manusoh project bag.

Can I just say.. This. Yarn. Its absolutely beautiful, its soft and squidgy and everything I was promised. I honestly can’t get enough of it. The quality is outstanding, its like hugging a cloud!










The 25mm chunky knitting needles are beautiful BUT I do have a slight gripe, the ornate baubles on the top are very loose, squeaky and wonky.. I tried to twist them off to sort them out but it just made it worse. It didn’t affect my knitting at all just a bit annoying. Still pretty though.

The instructions that come with the kit are very basic and easy to follow. My instructions stated to ‘Cast on via the Thump method’ Hmmm I think that means Thumb method.. I know this kit came from across the pond but I’m pretty sure you can’t cast on via a Thump method 😀

Anyway, the instructions.. very basic and easy to follow but you will need a little knitting knowledge to know how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off. It also says that it takes 1 hour to complete. So I set my timer and began knitting.

The yarn is an absolute delight to knit with (although very very fragile) and as there were only 10 stitches in each row my clutch knitted up in just under 50 minutes. I followed the instructions to seam up the sides and attached the poppers. The whole clutch bag took me just under an hour and I’m absolutely in love with it. Perfect for those upcoming Christmas parties 😉

If you would like to get your mitts on one of these kits head on over to their Etsy Shop and say Hi. They have some great Knitting kits and gorgeous squishy, pudgy yarn in just about every colour you can imagine.  They also have ‘Yarn in a Jar’ kits to have a go at dyeing your own yarn at home, something I have been wanting to do for some time. Pop over to their website for other chunky yarn goodness.



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