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Do you struggle with colour combinations?

I struggle all the time. I go green with envy at every new project that pops up in my Instagram feed and wonder why I can’t put colours together that compliment each other so well. Although I have made some quirky bright coloured projects my colour comfort zone has always been pastels because I know they go so well together.

To make the colour combos easier to visualise I decided to make a colour swatch. It took a little time to do but it also gave me the opportunity to give my yarn hoard a much needed sort out – and an excuse to buy more! I found I was 21 shades short of having the whole collection of Stylecraft Special DK so I confess I bought the shades I was missing and I’m now the proud owner of every shade they have, yay me! Stylecraft do offer a shade card if you prefer one that is already made but I find moving the colours around and putting them next to each other much simpler.

Look at all the yummy colours!

Now I must say I’m not the 1st person to do this and I’m sure if you are a firm lover of pinterest like I am, this hack is everywhere and quite rightly too, its an amazing idea! To make the swatch I wrapped a small amount of yarn in each shade around the top of a lollipop stick and wrote the colour on the bottom which will make it easier when it comes to ordering more! I love the different combinations that you can create and I’m so glad I took the time to do it.



If you too struggle with colour combinations I hope this blog series will give you some inspiration when it comes to selecting the right colours for your particular project. I’ll be posting regular blogs and sharing some of the different colour palettes and projects I make with them.  If you make a project using one of my colour combos I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @b_moonbytoni






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