Crochet Solid Granny Square Cardigan

When I see this gorgeous variegated yarn from the Patons Fab DK range I knew I (finally) had to make my sister something with it. If you follow me on IG (link in my sidebar) you’ll know that I’ve been going on (and on) about this yarn. I absolutely loved working with it, the colour changes often so there is absolutely ZERO ENDS TO SEW IN  Winning! If I’m honest I only had one gripe and that was I bought 5 skeins and all the dye lots were slightly different in shade, ranging from really bright to slightly muted.

Both my sister and I are massive Wooly jumper/cardi fans so I wanted to make her a nice warm, cozy cuddly cardigan. I remember seeing a granny square cardi in one of my magazines so I had a quick look and come up with the diagram below. Excuse the roughness of the drawing I did it quite quickly! If you are interested in a full written pattern / tutorial let me know in the comments.

I made 60 five round solid granny squares and whip stitched them together following the diagram.

After sewing all the squares together I folded the cardigan in half (shown with the dotted line through the middle) and whip stitched around the seams. The ‘armpit’ (?) squares are folded in half and sewn.

To finish I crocheted around the entire cardigan and the sleeves with 3 rounds of double crochet, you could always add more to suit your liking. I added some cute little Bee buttons  as my sis is well into anything Bee like at the moment.


I would fully recommend blocking your squares before stitching them together, I didn’t and consequently ended up blocking the entire cardigan on the only thing that was big enough in our house…  the empty TV box.  Good news though the wool washed very well on a normal cycle.

My sister loves her new cardigan and has had many requests (flattery will get you everywhere..) for me to make her friends one. I’ll leave her to model it for you..



Bootiful 😉




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