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Crochet Kitsch Jar Covers

I have always had a love hate relationship with cotton yarn, I absolutely LOVE the look and feel of crocheted cotton projects but when it comes to crocheting with it  I can’t seem to get to grips with the splitting.. Oh the splitting! Split yarn resulted in many an abandoned project. I have tried various hooks, various different types of cotton yarn but still no joy. I watch endless tutorials of people using cotton yarn and they have NO problem with it WHATSOEVER! Am I missing a trick?!

I’m a bit of an acrylic junkie mainly as its animal cruelty free and less of a burden on our environment (despite what you might think) than wool. It also cheap and cheerful and very easy to crochet with. My problem is now I’m starting to design I want items that will stand the test of time, can be worn, washed, loved and lived in. I doubt that will happen with acrylic pieces..

So having bought tons of cotton yarn and not one to be defeated I persevere with said cotton yarn problem and although not perfect I have successfully managed (with trusty Pony hook) to crochet these adorable jar covers.

Admittedly I haven’t tried to crochet with cotton yarn for a while (I threw it in the back of the yarn cupboard in sheer frustration last time I tried) and dare I say it.. I didn’t find these a problem at all. . I think I may have improved my tension slightly as I remember the last time – refer to last bracketed comment – the stitches were REALLY tight. Its almost like when I couldn’t read crochet patterns, one minute I could not get it, then almost overnight (and a little patience) I got it – It just clicked!

I didn’t want anything too complicated for my 1st cotton project so I just chained until it fit around my jar and double crocheted each row until it reached the top. I then embroidered the picture on the front and whip stitched the 2 sides together. Below is the method I used for the middle jar cover.

I used a 4.5mm hook and Drops Cotton in Vanilla, Turquoise, Medium Pink and Moss Green. Plus some scraps from my stash for the cross stitch designs. You may need to add more or less chains depending on your tension.


R1 1dc in 2nd ch from hook and each stitch across. (36) Ch1, turn.

R2 and every row until you reach desired height on jar. 1 DC in each Dc across. Ch1, turn (36) – I ended up doing 14 rows.

R15 dctog, 1dc in each dc to last 2 dc, dtog, ch 1, FO leaving a long tail to sew the sides together.

For the cross stitch design on the front I searched for cross stitch charts on Pinterest and it literally churns out loads! I also had a flick through this gorgeous book one night and found the cute little strawberry.


I love my new little Jar covers, they add a splash of colour in my kitchen and serve as handy little storage pots.

I must apologise for my ever changing photography styles, I’m trying a few different apps to try and improve the quality and I’m yet to get to grips with it. I love the style of the cinema lense on Hipstamatic but the photos come out a little dark. Can anyone recommend a good photo app? or a style on Hipstamtic that is good for bloggy photos?






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