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Cosy Pitchside Headband – Free pattern

Last week I posted about my Cosy Pitchside Mittens (funnily enough the weather hasn’t been too bad lately so I’m yet to wear said mittens.. ) and I couldn’t bear not to do something with the squishy* yarn  I had leftover.

*Squishy – yarn weight term right?

As I mentioned in my previous post the weather is absolutely freezing watching Mr P play rugby on the side of the pitch and now I have my fingers sorted I wanted to concentrate on my ears… Yes you did read that right I said my ears. I can’t remember if I mentioned if it was windy standing in the middle of a gigantic rugby pitch with nothing to shield you from the icy blasts of a northerly wind but its torture.  So with the leftover yarn I made myself a matching headband ear warmer. The thickness of the wool and the stitch I used to crochet it means that a blizzard could be happening outisde and my ears (and fingers) would think they were in front of fire all nice and toasty..

Crocheting in the 3rd stitch of a Hdc (UK Htr) pushes the stitches where you would normally crochet forward and creates a ridge that almost doubles up the yarn. Hence making headband ear warmer thingy nice and warm 🙂

I also love  they way it looks knitted. Knitting was the 1st yarny type craft I taught myself and although I love knitting, it can take quite a while to see any progress and if you’re impatient like me, it means a lot of things end up on the WIP pile.. The stitches are also very closed so no wind getting through this baby!


I have added a brief pattern below if you want to make yourself one. If you are unfamiliar with the ‘Knit Stitch’ there are plenty of Youtube tutorials.

Materials : –

Any Aran weight yarn – I used Leader of the Pac Knitcraft HQ in Pink and Cream

6mm hook

Darning Needle


Stitch Marker (Opitonal)



Ch = Chain

SS = Slip Stitch

St = Stitch

Hdc – half double crochet (UK HTR Half Treble)

Blo = Back loops

FO = Fasten Off



Tension not critical for this project.



Ch your desired length (just chain until it fits around your head) Join with SS to 1st ch. (Mine was 60)

Round 1: Ch 2, 1 HDC in the same stitch, 1 HDC in the 3rd stitch of each stitch around. Join to 1st HDC.

Rounds 2-8 : Repeat row 1

FO leaving a long tail.


Middle Knot

Ch 18

Row 1- 4.  1 HDC in the BLO of each stitch across, ch2 turn.

FO leaving long tail


Now to assemble the headband.

Don’t worry about the messy seam this gets covered up when you add the middle knot. Pinch together the middle seam so a nice fold appears (see pic) and sew in place.

Wrap the middle knot with the seam at the back around your gathered headband and sew shut. And Voila! Your cosy Headband ear warmer thingy…




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