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Colour Combination- Vintage Floral

As I’ve mentioned before in my struggling with colour combinations post my colour comfort zone has always been pastels which is why my first colour combo is Vintage Floral. I took inspiration from a pretty wallpaper I found on Pinterest, I absolutely love ditsy warm floral shades all bought together with cream. To push myself out of my comfort zone I decided to go with Sage rather than my first instinct which would normally be blue. I’m glad I did as I think Sage sets off the colours just nicely. The dusky tones have a hint of Alice in Wonderland and I absolutely love the way they look next to each other.

With these shades I made this granny square from the 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton – one of my fav books on the planet and my go to book when I’m struggling to come up with new project ideas.  I love her use of colours and textures and I will definitely be making the Rainbow Pastels blanket VERY SOON! Anyway I digress, back to Vintage Floral –  With the name Floral I wanted to make a square from this book to reflect the name and I loved the look of the Nine square Granny, to me they looked like tiny framed flowers.

I decided I wanted to make this 9 square granny a cushion cover so carried on adding BUT as I was working these ‘tiny’ squares up I quickly discovered that although they are small, they require a lot of work!! Crochetting and sewing them together individually was way too much work which made me lose interest very quickly.  I started the join as you go method for mini grannies, if you’re not familiar with this method Attic 24 have a great tutorial  which you can find here. I’m SO glad I started joining them this way as it saved me a hell of a LOT of time and stopped this little project from going onto the WIP pile.. Also if you hate sewing in ends (Like I do, ergh!) then I strongly suggest that you do this as you go along, I didn’t and spent more time doing this than anything else..


After I found the Join as you go method… I loved making this mini cushion cover, it only took me about 2 days to make (with a full time job I might add!) and complete.  The traditional granny square reverse makes this little cushion a vintage gem!  I think the Pom Poms and the mismatched buttons finish the look off just nicely don’t you? I love the colours with my upcycled chair in my craft room!



The yarn used for Vintage Floral is Stylecraft Special DK  in  Pale Rose – Sage – Duck Egg – Cream and Buttermik.

If you’ve made something with these colours I’d love to see them!- Tag me on Instagram @b_moonbytoni



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