Autumn Woodland Crochet Granny Skirt

Although I’m slightly sad to be saying goodbye to Summer, Autumn is well and truly heading our way and I’m quite happy to welcome the cooler air, the vivid gold and red hues and the lovely crisp dewy mornings with open arms. Hand me my wellies to go for nice long woodland walks or snuggling in front of the TV with a pot of tea and a blanket and I’m quite happy.

With the cooler air blowing in and Autumn getting into full swing its definitely the season for luxurious yarns and for finally delving into those cosy, chunky patterns we all love.  To combat the cold and keep the coolness at bay I thought it the perfect time to start updating my autumn/ winter wardrobe and to start crocheting some funky autumnal designs – which leads me onto my Autumn woodland Granny Square Skirt.

Inspired by the skirt over on the Hobby Craft blog by Hey Day Crochet my skirt is modified slightly to fit a UK size 10-12. Rather than hooking 10 granny squares per row I found I only needed 9. I joined them using the join as you go method and kept wrapping the 1st row around my waist until I was comfortable with the fit. Each row is made with a bigger hook to create the A line shape. The thing I loved about this pattern is the versatility. You can change the colours or add rows to make a longer skirt. I was originally going to add ‘knitted’ braces to the skirt but I just couldn’t wait to share (as always!). I may still add the braces at a later date as I have just learned the ‘Knit stitch’ and I think its the perfect stitch for some cross over braces. Although I’m a bit apprehensive about using the knit stitch with black yarn…


The colours I used are Stylecraft Special DK shades Lime, Gold, Burgundy, Copper, Teal and Black. Perfect Autumnal colours don’t you think! The gold yarn is to dye for.. *snigger* I must admit, I crochet a tad loose so crocheting the last row with a 5mm hook (Stylecraft is designed for a 4mm) the squares were a little floppy but as soon as I added the double crochet row to finish the skirt it seems to perk them up a bit!

I love my new skirt and have tried and tested it out by going for a nice afternoon walk with Mr P.


Juts before I pop off here is a quick sneak peak of some of the designs I have been working on..




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