About Me

Hello and welcome to my 1st blog. I decided to start this blog with the intention of building my crafting network and to get involved in the crochet community.  So here you’ll find all types of crafty goodness, from crochet to embroidery, DIY wedding features to baking & beauty.  Tips and tricks, trials and tribulations, achievements and faliures!

My name is Toni and I’m from a small growing town in the South East. Ever since I was a small girl I loved to craft, I can remember thumbing my way through an arts and crafts book promising myself that I would make every single project that was in that book!  Crochet is by far my favourite hobby, I love the different types of beautiful yarns and the endless projects you can create with just a few stitches.


I’m very proud to say that I’m self taught but I’m a world away from being a professional crafts person (or writer) and many of the techniques I use I’ve learnt from scratch, either from youtube or other crafty blogs.  I love to give stuff a try and thought it was time I share my experiences with you.

So follow me on my journey (and bear with me whilst I grow my bloggy knowledge!) and I hope to hear from you soon!