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A Tale of 2 Shawls..

In the 2 years that I have taught myself to crochet I’ve never been interested in crocheting myself a shawl… In my ignorance they were old fashioned and only worn by older ladies. So when I came across this great free pattern from Hopeful Honey I realised that shawls aren’t just for wrapping around your head to keep you snuggly and warm. I loved the way it looked wrapped around your neck for the cold wintry months but could also be draped over your shoulders on a cooler summer evening. In fact I loved the shawl so much I made 2..

Despite the size of the shawl it works up quite quickly and because the pattern is repetitive you don’t have to think about it too much. I had to adjust the pattern slightly as I made my 2 shawls with thicker yarn than suggested. But the only tweaking that was needed was the amount of rows that needed to be worked.


My yarn of choice is this fab Aran yarn from Hobby Craft. They come in mahoosive 400g balls and after making my shawls I still had plenty left over to make something else. The picture shows the cream yarn that borders both my shawls but the main colours I used were Mustard and Lilac or though to me it looks more pink..

The yarn works up beautifully and it pulls from the middle so no yarn cakes to make beforehand.  Although we did get a bit tangly in places… Very annoying!

I made the pink one for my Mum for her birthday and she loved it so Happy Birthday Mum!





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