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A quick shopping trip..

.. and boy did I treat myself! We’re lucky enough to live quite close to the historic city Canterbury so while the sun was shining (albeit not for long) I took a quick trip to spend some of the money I received for my birthday last month.

You can’t go shopping without a bit of fuel. I honestly can’t put into words how much I love iced coffee, I’m normally a tea drinker but I have a new found love for cold coffee!


I love anything Cath Kidston and Canterbury have a big CK shop so I didn’t waste anytime in there and picked up these goodies

I have been looking for a CK cutlery set for a long time and I’m so happy with this one – it was in the sale too! The dotty shoes are genius, they fold up and pop in your bag for those times when you need a little relief from wearing heels all day! They are really comfy too. The rose bag is gift wrap that everything was placed in for me to take home. Its too nice to throw away so I think I might use it in some way.

The little house needle case and pin cushion are just too cute!


I didn’t buy these but its nice to see some crochet in Cath Kidston. Look at the little guinea pig!

And of course I couldn’t go shopping without going into some yarn shops.  Such pretty colours!

I did buy myself some more yarn (of course) but I won’t share just yet as it is a gift for my sister who keeps pestering me to make her something!

These little gems were from The Pilgrims Hospice charity shop. I can’t believe I found the little fabric scraps, they are just my cup of tea! I might make some cute little brooches with them!

So a definite treat day for me, what do you buy yourself when you go shopping?





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